Cop Confused When Bear Refuses to Move, Then Understands He’s Trapped

Time To Act Fast

If you saw a ferocious bear standing in the middle of the road and you had places to go, what would you do? One brave police officer faced this dilemma. However, he was soon forced to act quickly. State Trooper Thomas Owens needed to make sure that all the drivers who were stuck in traffic were safe from the claws of a fierce bear in the middle of the road. Eventually, though, he realized why the beast wouldn’t move…

Facebook // Town of Carroll Police Department

Born To Be A State Trooper

Just a few years ago, Thomas Owens never thought he would’ve had to deal with a gigantic bear in the middle of a busy road. Back when he was a senior at high school, many of his friends were moving onto college, where they would eventually become doctors, lawyers, and teachers. As for him, he was planning on becoming a state trooper. Fast forward a few years, and Thomas is now part of the New Hampshire State Police.

Facebook // New Hampshire State Police

He Answered The Call

After establishing himself as a respected member of the New Hampshire State Police, the day eventually came when Thomas would have to confront the fierce bear. One day, an anonymous source reported to the police force that a bear was spotted on a road close to Bretton Woods Ski Resort. In collaboration with Carroll police, Thomas drove down to the reported location. One thing’s for sure, this isn’t the first time that a bear has caused problems here…

Twitter // @NH_StatePolice

Protected Wilderness

Bretton Woods is a majestic part of the world. Spanning over 700 acres of land, this is a beautiful area that not only attracts skiers but is home to a wide variety of wildlife. With over 200 species of bird living in this region, as well as many sightings of bears, it should come as no surprise that these woods are well protected. Surely enough, Thomas was about to see something the likes of which he has never seen before…

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