The Surprising Value of Classic PlayStation Games Today

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Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling. People around the world feel a strong attachment to PlayStation, many having owned the very first iteration. Games from the original PlayStation are making a comeback, with some being worth over $1,000. The console was released some 30 years ago, yet people today are still looking to get their hands on some of the classic games.

Original PlayStation Games Worth a Fortune

There are hundreds of games available for the PlayStation 5, and yet nostalgia is getting stronger and stronger. People like to play their old games, and those with an unused copy of one of the classics can get some pretty good cash. The price tag for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is $471 as of 2021. Meanwhile, the first Diablo game costs $350, almost four times as much as Diablo IV.

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Superhero games also go for a lot, even though the whole superhero crazy wasn’t as big back then. Batman Forever: The Arcade Game was released in 1996 but can now be seen selling for $400. At the same time, people are selling Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for $367. The game has an 8/10 rating on IMDb.

Games Fetching Big Bucks

Other popular classic games are being sold for absurd amounts, including Spyro: Collector’s Edition, which goes for $499.99. There was even one person who sold it for the price of $999.99. Suikoden II is also being sold for quite a lot, as it’s considered the best PlayStation game. It can be seen sold for $1,317. The game was first released in Japan in 1998, North America in 1999, and then in Europe in 2000.

While the games mentioned here are the highest-grossing games from the original PlayStation, other titles also go for a lot. While it’s impossible to know what a game is worth before trying to sell it, unopened copies can be sure to fetch a lot more money than opened ones.