Man Posts Real Video From Streets of Miami to ‘Confirm GTA 6 Is Accurate’

YouTube // @RockstarGames

In November 2023, Rockstar’s big boss, Sam Houser, promised that a GTA 6 trailer would drop in in early December, and while they delivered on the promise, there was an unexpected problem: someone dropped the trailer a day early.

GTA 6 Trailer Leaked

The official trailer was meant to come out on December 5, but 24 hours beforehand, an unrealized version of it randomly showed up on social media. Rockstar was disappointed, asking fans to watch the real thing, not the leak.

Despite this minor setback, the trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto game left fans mindblown with an intriguing storyline, top-notch graphics, and the introduction of the franchise’s first-ever female lead character, Lucia.

Fan Videos Confirm the Game’s Realism

Most fans know that the city the recent games are based in, Vice City, is based on Miami, Florida. In the trailer, fans can glimpse a shot of a woman twerking on top of a car, and someone confirmed that the scenes in the GTA 6 trailer are spot on.

A clip went viral on X, where two women are seen twerking on top of moving cars for tips in Miami, showing that not only do the Grand Theft Auto designers pay attention to detail, but that they can also apparently predict the future.

GTA 6 Is the Real Deal

Viewers on the internet immediately started cracking jokes, commenting on how people “celebrate the release of the [new game] in their own way” and how Rockstar must have had some undercover designers living in Miami to do research.

YouTube // @JoelFrancoVlogs

While fans will be waiting awhile for the drop of GTA 6—until 2025, in fact—at least they can wait patiently knowing that the game is the real deal, and if they can’t wait patiently, they can always take a trip to Miami.