Backsplashes to Avoid, According to Interior Designers

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Choosing the right backsplash for the kitchen is important because it can enhance the room and add to its overall design. There are many colors, materials, and options available, but there are also those that put form over function and should be evaded. Moreover, some materials would make a kitchen look older. So, here are some backsplashes to consider avoiding.

Limestone and Zellige Tile

The soft texture and inviting neutral hue of limestone make it a preferred choice for many designers, but there are also some downsides. Due to its high porosity, limestone retains water, and mildew can quickly appear in its micro-holes. That’s why you should only use this material for spaces with lower humidity levels.

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As far as zellige tiles, these hand-made Moroccan ceramic tiles look amazing, but their maintenance is tedious. They can be glazed and unglazed, and either way, the very imperfections that make them charming also make them a nightmare to clean.

Glass Mosaics and Pebble Tiles

At the forefront of the list of backsplashes that are hard to maintain is the glass mosaic variety. While its intricate aesthetic looks great, the increased grout demands additional cleaning efforts and attracts and accumulates more dirt.

Pebble tiles suffer the same problems as other textured backsplashes; they make the kitchen look cluttered and are difficult to clean and maintain. They can be used for spa centers but are too much for home aesthetics.

Stainless Steel and Reflective Types

Lacquer and stainless steel backsplashes have no permanent allure. According to experts in the field, clients who buy them replace them very soon after and pick something else.

When it comes to a reflective finish on a backsplash, it makes the entire kitchen look very cluttered. Everything reflects in them, and the surface has to be kept pristinely clean, or any spots become apparent immediately.

Themed Backsplashes

Having a backsplash with an image on it, like animals, fruit, or veggies can look cute, but it will look dated rather quickly. There is also a lack of universal appeal of those backsplashes, making them unsuitable for raising the market value of a property.

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Whatever backsplash you choose, make sure it’s something that’s easy to clean and won’t go out of style a few months down the road.